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Oct 27

iMac HDD upgrades

Oh yeah, I upgraded the disks in the two iMacs I posted about last week. The aluminium iMac has a really interesting design — the glass in front of the screen is held in place by magents. You use suction cups to pull it off (there are proper tools, but I borrowed a friend’s sat-nav thing). Once you’ve done that, it’s a reasonably simple but fiddly job to remove the screen and various cables before you get to the disk. It’s not all that bad. The 24” white iMac was easier still — there’s loads of space in there, and the screen comes out as one giant unit connected by two really easy to access cables (though you need proper star-shaped screw drivers to reach the screws — not a stubby thing with different bits, because it won’t fit in the holes down the side). I snapped a plastic clip that holds the disk in place (I just couldn’t get the thing to unclip), but that was OK — I used some cardboard to pad it out to keep it from moving, and I just need to find the spare part and fix it properly.

The best thing is, once you swapped the disks you can just use TimeMachine or something else (like SuperDuper in my case) and you’re back up and running on the big new disk in less than a couple of hours. It’s as if nothing changed, except now I have 750GB free, which means I can start working with photos and videos again :)

National Run to Work Day

So yesterday I decided that today would be national run to work day (for me at least).

It’s a 9 mile journey to work, and this is the second time I’ve run in since I started running again in August. I’m really enjoying running — especially this morning in the rain, running down by the river.

My feet and legs hurt a bit though.

Route details on Garmin Connect

Oct 25

Neven Mrgan's tumbl: Labeling the Back button -

Strange, but I was in this exact position earlier this week, for the first time, wanting to relabel the ‘back’ button in an iOS app. The was I wanted to do it was because the ‘home’ screen for my app has the title ‘Clockwork Accounts’ or some such prototype name. That obviously couldn’t go on the button, so I set it to ‘Home’, which made more sense. I did think about setting it to back at one point though…

I will add an article to my knowledge base soon, explaining how to change that text on the fly.


Most “deep” apps require some amount of navigation, moving the user deeper into child views and then back out to the parent view. That navigational backtracking is typically done with a “Back” button, positioned in the top-left corner, and denoted by a pointed left side. You’ve all seen it:

Oct 19

2x iMac hard disk upgrades…

The 24” iMac that lives in our kitchen/dining room, with all of our photos and videos and iTunes, is totally full up. It has been for months, and I’ve been filling up laptops and external disks with our photos and videos, but now they’re full too. So I need to upgrade the hard disk.

The great thing about hard disks is that they’re now incredibly cheap — £40 for a 1TB drive is just amazing. The bad thing about iMacs is that to replace the hard drive you have to remove the screen and the front case. It’s a bit of a pain.

Even worse, I’ve got to do it twice, because the 20” aluminium iMac that I use for day-to-day programming has started developing bad sectors and I’m getting daily errors because of corrupt files.

So not one iMac hard disk to upgrade, but two. And the second one has Windows, so I can’t even use SuperDuper to clone the drive.

As you can tell, hard disks are getting me down a bit right now :( On the plus side, once it’s done I’ll be able to continue taking Giga Bytes of photos and video without worrying where to put it :)

Ruby 2.0 is on the way! :)

Oct 18



The reaction to my post on the game of tech blogging the other day was fascinating. About half of you found it to be an honest, insightful account. The other half seemed to think I was an arrogant prick. Fair enough. Obviously, I was going for the former.

But the latter reaction honestly did surprise me. It’s not like I was saying anything crazy. If you’re close enough to anyone in that industry, they’ll tell you the same thing. If they don’t, they’re either lying or they simply don’t have what it takes to be the best at their job. Harsh, but that’s what it comes down to. 

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Great post. It doesn’t surprise me that there was a bit of a negative backlash. Lots of people don’t understand that it’s all a big game (and by ‘it’, I mean everything).